How Casares del Sol pm4 has grown over the years


External slopes by the pedestrian gates were completely cleared and replanted. The showers in the pool area were completely retiled. New planting area. And new key fob system installed.


New pathway created by block 30. More planting in the gardens. Movement sensors installed in theportals. Worst flooding in 30 years on the Costa del Sol.


New planting along the front of the terraces on all blocks. The first terrace extension was built this year and a further 4 were built in during the year. New planting along pathways.


Major project to paint the 5 apartment blocks. We now have hard wired Internet and the TV reception was improved.


Pool remodeled with steps built for accessibility. Pool drained and cleaned in the process of doing this.


Built a wall by entrance to block 29 to deflect rain water. Remodelled the garage entrance to blocks 28 & 29, with hedging, succulents and white stone. Putting green created.


We finally get ‘Communal’ Wifi of 1MB! Landscaped the area between blocks 28 & 29 with a yucca, citrus trees and pink stone. And increase the fenced area at the small pool.


Trees planted to screen off the fenceline by the Aparthotel. Climbers were planted along the perimeter fencing. The boule court was created.


Fencing to secure the perimeter of pm4 with 2 pedestrian gates with a fob system. A new owner president was elected.


The start of landscaping the portals, planting tropical plants and finishing with white stones. A project that was to take several years to complete. And new garden beds were created to disguise the manholes in the gardens.

2006 / 2007

2006: First owners moved into their apartments. The reality didn’t quite match up to the promise of the brochure!

2007: First owner president elected. Now the work started to fulfill the promised dream of tropical gardens. Garages flooded because of blocked drains caused by builders rubble.

The Off-Plan Brochure

Contruction of pm4 (2003-2006)