The community may restrict certain facilities to any owner or property who breaks any of our rules or are debtors to the community.

  1. ITEMS SHOULD NOT BE LEFT IN ANY COMMUNAL AREAS (underground parking and gardens) these will be removed by the community staff.
    DO NOT LEAVE RUBBISH in the communal areas, please take to the allocated rubbish bin area.
  2. NO PETS are permitted in the urbanisation grounds.
  3. NO LAUNDRY IS TO BE HUNG over the rails or walls of the balconies.
  4. NO MODIFICATION TO PROPERTY ie satellite dishes. If added, the owner will receive a warning letter asking the modification to be remove.
  5. DO NOT MISUSE SECURITY FENCING & GATES which shall include propping open, climbing over or anything that shall compromise the security of PM4.
  6. DO NOT MISUSE COMMUNITY PROPERTY. The Owner will be expected to pay any repair or replacement costs necessary.
  7. DO NOT REMOVE ANY COMMUNAL PROPERTY from the communal areas to “private space”. This will be deemed to be theft.
  8. ACCESS FOBS shall not be lent or given to other persons excepting bona fide residents or for the management of the correct property. The community reserves the right to de activate fobs if they are misused or abused.
    a) Persistent and excessive noise will be deemed anti social and shall include loud playing of music, noise created by movement of furniture and any unreasonable noise which directly affects other residents.
    b) Should an owner experience damage by water or other outside agency, which is a direct result of a neighbouring property, access should not be unreasonably withheld to rectify this problem.
    c) Any abuse, either verbal or physical to any fellow resident, or member of staff will not be tolerated and treated as anti-social.
  10. ANY GRILLS OR AWNINGS/ BLINDS installed shall be colour ‘BLANCO‘.
  11. INTERNET ACCESS is a shared supply. TV streaming, downloads & online gaming are NOT permitted as these exceed fair usage & may affect other owners using the same shared line.
  12. ONE CAR PER PROPERTY IS PERMITTED IN THE GARAGES & must be parked in the correct allocated parking space. Cars parked incorrectly may be removed by the community.
  13. TILED AREAS IN FRONT OF GROUND FLOOR TERRACES CANNOT be used except in cases of emergency.
  14. NO CHARCOAL BARBEQUES only the use of gas or electric barbeques are permitted.
  15. SWIMMING POOL SHALL ONLY BE USED WHEN LIFEGUARD IS IN ATTENDANCE. Please note there are separate rules already in place for the swimming pool clearly displayed at the pool.
  16. IT IS FORBIDDEN FOR ANY UPPER FLOOR PROPERTIES to allow liquid or water to pour onto neighbours’ property below causing damage or inconvenience (except rain water).

NOTE: Please keep ball games away from the plants and flowers.