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I need to report a Crime

Go to local police: Remember to take your passport. The police station is situated on the main road as you drive into Estepona on the left side, Avda del Carmen.

In the event of emergency, telephone the police (0034) 952 894 021 or phone the community officers (0034) 672 666 110.

I need a Doctor

Emergency doctor: (0034) 092 505 061 / (0034) 607 319 999  

Ambulance: (0034)952 890 533

Medical Centre Sabinilla: (0034) 952 890 451
Centro de Salud de Sabinillas, Avda Andalucia, Sabinillas. Clinic open Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm.

Private  doctor:
Dr Rafael Gonzalez de Gor Santos (English speaking), Plaza Ginebra, No 11 San Luis de Sabinillas.
(0034) 952 893 535, out of hours medical care (0034) 6646 550 588
Or Dr Peter Furness (English speaking) in Estepona: (0034) 670 665 730

Helicopteros Sanitarios: (0034) 952 811 818

You will need your EHIC card and a photocopy of your passport. The doctor’s consultation is free but any prescription has to be paid for.


I have a rotten wooden terrace rail

Replacing the wooden terrace rails is the responsibility of the community.

Please report the problem to Fran, our community maintenance man, and/or Comunimas (email:
Fran will need to measure the rail, organise a replacement and fit it.


What to do if there is a water leak from the property above

Contact  Comunimas (email:

Or contact the president to get the contact details of the owner.

The owner of the upstairs apartment has a duty of care to attend to the problem.

Please advise the president if you have any difficulties.


What should I do if the lift breaks down

Press the alarm button (button with bell image).

The lift company should answer and attend quickly.

I need to contact the president

The president is Nick Lane :

We also have an Owners Google forum group, please contact the president to join.

How can I get rid of large household items?

Any large waste and pieces of furniture will be collected from the Bins at CDS every Thursday morning.  Please deposit items on Wednesday evening ready for the collection by Casares Council. More details on this notice click English  click Spanish

When is the Swimming Pool open?

The opening times for the main swimming pool are posted on the notice boards by the gates to the pool. The small pool is open all year round.

Pool Opening Hours / Horarios Piscina 2021
31 Mayo–20 Junio  12.00 – 18.00
21 Junio–29 Agosto  11.00 – 19.00
30 Agosto -1 Octubre  12.00 – 18.00

I want to get some Paint or Stain

The colours in our Community are:

  • Walls – The properties have recently been painted and our maintenance men have some paint if you require a small amount for touching up.
  • Wooden Rails –  D533     Base  0561E, Calidad  049E1  Lasur Satinado Agua. This is the colour used by the painting company, it is a water-based stain but any dark brown would be suitable.

Products are available from ‘TORRE RUIZ’, Av de Manilva, Sabinillas.

What is the Entity? How do I pay my fees?

The Entity is responsible for work outside of our PM4 community, the communal parts of the Urbanisation Casares Del Sol. The fees we pay are mainly for the upkeep of the roads, footpaths and street lights.

Payment of Entity fees is similar to the community fees, by direct debit or by bank transfer:
Account details:
Banco Sabadell
ES03 0081 0535 8400 0184 5394

What are my Community Fees?

Community Fees pay for the upkeep of the Community.

Each property will have its own quota, and this is shown on the property deeds. A budget is agreed at the AGM each year and this will determine the fees that you pay. The fees are due on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.  Our administrator Comunimas should send out invoice reminders before the due date.

Similarly, the Entity fees are collected on the same days as the community fees.

I need to Pay my community Fees & need information on my Account

For information on your account contact the administrator Comunimas

Community fees should be paid to the Community bank:
Account number 3023 0432 99 5489942101
IBAN: ES38  3023 0432 99 5489942101

I want to Complain about Bad Behaviour

Contact the administrator Comunimas:
0034 951 100 075  /  0034 639 701 922  /

DO NOT WAIT several days before reporting the matter!

I want to Report Damage or a Fault

Please report faults to the administrator Comunimas:
0034 951 100 075  /  0034 639 701 922  /

and / or tell the pm4 maintenance man.

If it is necessary to contact a neighbouring owner about a problem concerning their apartment and if it is urgent, please contact the president.

I have lost my Access Fob


Report your lost Access Fob immediately to Comunimas or to the president, stating the unique number on the lost fob.

Comunimas: 0034 951 100 075  /  0034 639 701 922  /

You may purchase another fob for 20e once the lost fob is deactivated.

Fobs will only be issued to owners or with written permission from the owner.

TV is not working

Our contractor Mr Thomas Anderson is responsible to ensure there is a TV signal reaching each apartment. But inside the apartment is the owner’s responsibility.

First, ask a neighbour in your block if their TV is working. The problem could be either a community problem or it could your TV.

The owner or occupier should report the fault to Comunimas or to our contractor Tom Anderson (+34 654 455 397
PLEASE NOTE: If the problem is your TV, there will be a charge for attendance, payable direct to Tom Anderson.

Comunimas: 0034 951 100 075  /  0034 639 701 922  /



What is the address CDS PM4?

Casares del Sol pm4,
Casares Costa,
Malaga 29690

Do I need insurance?

The External build is insured through the community insurance but you will need to insure your private apartment which should also include electrics and pipework, and against damage caused to other properties.
If you rent your apartment you should get holiday insurance.

Do I need a Spanish Will?

This is advisable.

I want to send a Parcel to CDS

The Caseta is not manned all the time and it is not for personal deliveries.

These can be delivered to one of the external collection points such as:
Duquesa Business Centre  (+34) 952 892 700. The charge is 10 euros per parcel, and they will email you when the parcel arrives.

Some owners might want to rent their own private postal box, these are available in the ‘English bookshop’ in Sabinillas or the ‘Business centre’ in Duquesa.

Can you outline the expected Annual Outgoings?

As a guide, the below annual payments are based on a standard 2 bed 2 bathroom property.  

Community fees as per your quota    

  • Entity fees   250e   
  • IBI  500e    
  • Tax  250e    
  • Water  300e  (approx)  
  • Electricity  800e  (approx)  
  • Keyholding  400e    
  • TOTAL  2500e  

Please note these figures are just guidelines.

I want to Rent Out my Apartment

Long Term Rentals:
If you want to long term rent, there are many risks involved and for every good renter, there is a bad renter or non payer. Please choose your agent wisely, either by recommendation or ensure they are a bona fide company with premises, eg not operating out of a ‘car’. For every good letting agent there is a bad one.

Holiday Rentals or Friends Staying:
If any money changes hands when you let friends stay or have holiday rentals, then you are legally obliged to register your property with the tourist authorities, ref Law 13/2011, of Tourism in Andalucia. It is free to register, or Ammex can submit your registration for a small cost, 121e (price as of 2018).

If you let friends or family stay in your property completely free and without any exchange of money, these properties are excluded.

Do we have to pay Spanish Taxes?

If you are a non-Spanish resident, you should pay income tax on perceived rental income. UK nationals can contact who can fill in the return for a nominal sum. 

For owners who are registered for Holiday Rentals, your tax return should be filled in quarterly. 

My Electricity Bill

The local agent is ‘Rafalux’ in Sabinillas, C/Bolivia 11, San Luis de Sabinillas, 29692 – Málaga. (0034) 951 972 014 / (0034) 605 322 9564.

It is possible to change your tariff arrangement here, or check any bills and discuss usage. The man in the shop ‘Daniel’ speaks very good English, but there may be a charge for this service.

What is my Cadastral Value?

Cadastral Value is the rateable value of your property. The value is shown on your IBI statement, called ‘domicilado’.

What is IBI?

IBI are local rates that pay for the local amenities including the police.

They can be paid yearly or monthly by direct debit. Statements are not always sent. This information is available at the local ‘patronata’ office next to the police station in Manilva. Please take your NIE certificate or passport. You need to pay your IBI at a bank.

I am a New Owner and I need Satellite TV

Please note this is a private matter.

We have a communal satellite dishes but there may be a cost in connection.